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Creation of a New Educational Resource
After the completion of basicl computer training courses designed for students and teachers and provided by the Internet Computer Center (ICC) of Byurakan Secondary School, the stream of students to the ICC is increasing. Currently they visit the ICC with some definite computer skills, and in cases of necessity, they assist ICC site staff in various projects. The students are often given practical tasks to double - check how effectively they have acquired the material taught for students. This time, 10th grade student Arayik Mkrtchyan, who was recognized as one of the best studnets in these trainings, was given a task by the ICC site monitor, Hranush Yesayan, to depict the emailing work process in mail delivery in a type of graphic format. Arayik has attended paid training courses of MS office Power Point Program, as well. Being quite skillful, he decided to carry out the task utilizing the program drawing table. As a result of that task, the thoroughness of his knowledge related to email service and Power Point was explored .
Subsequently they planned to use Emaillesson.PPT file in training courses, aimed to display the processing of email in full screen for participants. This project was planned to be continued for the other grade as well. Training course participants from the 10th grade, Armen Gevorgyan, Christine Vardanyan, Marine Mkrtchyan, and Astghik Yeghyazaryan, proposed to add a text explanation refering to email, and became engaged in the work. Following the advice of ICC monitor H. Yesayan, they have involved the 9th grade students in creative works. Vanuhi Karapetyan, Hasmik Piliposyan, and Ani Rostomyan had participated only in basic computer training courses, and weren’t familiar with Power Point, but were competent enough to do editing tasks. As a result of this collaboration, students created a new resource to be used in the lessons.
Emaillesson.PPT was presented during a lesson held on May 17 in the ICC. Utilizing this new material in teaching process helps to grasp the lesson more deeply and, from the visual point of view, it’s a good didactic material to demonstrate during the lesson. Also it’s very decisive to use it in Informatics lessons for the 9th and the 10th grades. A new more distinctive version of Emaillesson.PPT for students of 5-8 grades is in the development process. In this version the use of more graphics makes the material attainable and understandable.
It is possible to utilize this created file as an education resource, as well as for an individual refresher, or for self-study.

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